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Beautiful breakfast blend. Your breakfast tea is SO flavoursome. Thank you. I'll be back for more!

Sarah S.

Once again, great service - quick delivery and a lovely product.

David B.

"and last but not least, the tea is GREAT! Can thoroughly recommend - thank you"

Pauline P.

Delicious English Breakfast loose tea and tea bags. Highly recommend Polite Society. We preferred it to Fortnum & Masons blend!

Ayesha D.

Daily Brew. It’s just the loveliest tea. We really love it!

Daniel G.

Welcome to our Polite Society.

Great whole leaf tea and herbal infusions.

Our tea journey began at family get togethers, where a pot of tea was always at the centre of the table. Now we source great tea from audited estates, our herbal infusions contain only natural ingredients, and our pyramid bags are 100% free of plastic (and they work!).

We are fiercely independent and care passionately about finding great tea and sharing it with you. We hope you will join us.

make great tea part of your everyday.


Tea is special!

Tea plays an important role in most of our lives but we take it a bit for granted. We celebrate with it, and we commiserate with it. So next time you have a reason to reach for the tea, make sure you have something special in the house.  Join our Polite Society.

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Biodegradable Pyramids. Conscience free, better tea!

Our Pyramid bags are 100% free of plastic and are completely biodegradable.  If possible, discard them in local authority food waste bins - that's how they break down quickest - but home compost is also fine, it just takes longer.



We love teaware almost as much as we love tea and might just have been accused more than once of having a few too many brewing devices and gadgets around the house.  We would love to share this passion with you and you can find a selection of items on our teaware page. Great for gifts, even better for you!

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Join our Polite Society

We are a tea wholesaler and tea supplier, working with a great group of cafes and restaurants.  We would love to hear from you if you would like to talk about working with us, just email info@politesociety.co.uk or call 01273 286191.