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At Polite Society we are passionate about great tea – of course we are! (all tea companies say that kind of thing, so what makes us different?)


We are a small, totally independent tea company, with a humble background but a big ambition.  Sourcing great tea is absolutely top of our list of things to do.  It’s the reason we come to work each day and what keeps us going.  Tea seems like such a small thing, taken for granted by us Brits for generations.  But behind all of that there is so much more to it – and we want to help you, and your customers discover a world of great tea.


So, apart from our core range of nine teas and herbal infusions, we will introduce a range of new, exciting and seasonal teas throughout the year to keep your menu fresh and interesting for your customers.


But we also have to live up to our name – Polite Society means more to us than just a name we put on our packaging.  We will only source tea from audited farms and seek to ensure the best possible working conditions are met for anyone involved in our supply chain.

If you are interested in finding out more about working with us then please email


We really look forward to hearing from you.