About us

Welcome to our Polite Society

Whilst the name Polite Society might be evocative of times gone by, we are a very modern tea company.  Small and fiercely independent, our aim is to source tea of the highest quality, whilst keeping an eye on the whole supply chain to make sure everyone gets a fair deal.

Tea seems like such a small thing, something that we in Britain take for granted every day.  But we believe, especially in these troubled times, that tea is such a force for good - it unites us around the kitchen table, and provides a moment of peace during just another crazy day.

We have a core range of nine teas and herbal infusions, from our big and bold English Breakfast and Daily Brew black teas, to something soothing like our Lemon & Ginger, our even our Berries Galore - great as a cold brew.

It’s easy to sum up what we are all about, but not as easy to achieve it. Find great tea and share it with our customers. Simple, right? But there is so much commodity tea out there and a bit of indifference to what great tea can be, that our challenge is a big one.

But we won’t give up easily.  We’ll find those great teas, and we will encourage people to make a real event of serving it – and enjoying it!

Apart from our core range, we’ll be bringing some great seasonal specials to the table, as well as advice on preparing our tea to get the most out of it. And we love cold brew! On those rare occasions when we do get great weather, cold brew tea can provide a refreshing, tasty and healthy drink,and it is so much nicer than cold brew coffee* (* - note obvious bias).

And this Polite Society name means more to us than just words.  We will contribute to and promote organisations that are working towards making this a more polite society and more details on this will be published soon.