Welcome to our Polite Society

Polite Society was created as a celebration of one family’s relationship with tea.

To most of us tea is an everyday essential, but we also celebrate with it, and
commiserate with it. And we also take it a bit for granted. At Polite Society we want to share some great tea and herbal infusions with you and help you to put great tea front and centre of everyday life. We believe in sourcing great quality tea and herbal infusions in an ethically responsible way and we use
only natural ingredients.

Become part of our Polite Society and share our wonderful range with your family and friends. 

We are a small company, based in Brighton who want to achieve our aim of sourcing great tea and herbal infusions and getting them in to cafes, restaurants and homes alike.

This is not as easy as it sounds.  Making sure that all tea is ethically sourced is a challenge in itself but this is one goal we are not prepared to ignore. And constantly reducing our impact on the planet is another major job we have on our hands (our pyramid bags are 100% plastic free and always have been).

But we will keep working everyday (fuelled by tea of course) to make it happen.  And we would love you to be a part of things.

You can contact us anytime at:


We are all ears. And tea.