Matcha by Polite Society

Matcha by Polite Society

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Purchase Matcha by Polite Society and we'll include a free Polite Society Matcha Spoon worth £4 with your first order.

Matcha is a serious business. Whilst we can't fully substantiate all the claims about this apparent superfood, we can say that we searched far and wide for a Matcha that we can trust - one that tastes great and is good value (two of our main priorities for all of our range).

So we have partnered with a group of smallholder farms in Shizuoka, Japan. Shade grown in the weeks before picking to concentrate the chlorophyll and enhance both the colour and taste of this wonderful tea.

We also think that the quality of the actual Matcha is of utmost importance, not the packaging, so we supply in pouches of 100g, 250g and 500g - no fancy labels or tins (the cost of which is passed on to you by other suppliers). Premium Matcha, no fuss.