Loveramics Pro Tea 450ml

Loveramics Pro Tea 450ml

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Loveramics are well known for the quality of their range, and this mug with infuser & lid is best in class - we are so impressed and have never come across another in-cup brewer that is this good.

The mug itself is huge - holding up to 450ml of liquid, and the infuser is  big enough to enable tea leaves to circulate fully - giving you the best cup possible.

The design is fantastic.  The lid can be used to help keep your drink warm or can be turned upside down as a stand for the infuser.

All round magnificence!

Colour: Denim Blue

Porcelain Mug and Lid with Stainless Steel Infuser.

Porcelain is microwave and dishwasher safe. Infuser should be washed by hand.