Kinto Loop Tea Strainer

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Carry this everywhere to enjoy full leaf tea on the go whenever you fancy! 

Features a slideable lid – open this, add your preferred tea, close and then place in your cup or mug.  With the loop strainer you no longer have to endure poor quality tea when out and about. 

Product features 
• Brand: Kinto 
• Range: Loop 
• Strainer material: stainless steel & ABS resin 
• Strainer lifespan: permanent 
• Stand material: ABS resin 
• Size: one cup 
• Colour: black 
• Strainer dimensions: H: 16 x W: 130 x D: 35mm 
• Stand dimensions: H: 30 x W: 50 x D:33mm 
• Dishwasher safe 
• Also available: white